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AI and deep learning

For many years we've been creating brakethrough solutions in AI, video analysis, transcoding and Big Data analysis. We keep on developing our software through constantly implemented innovations.
We can resolve problems and challanges that our competitors can't.

Minimum 32kbps

Live full HD video streaming at 32kbps.

40x better performance

40x better performance when compared to the competitors.

85% of cost savings

Up to 85% savings on infrastructure and human-related costs.

99% accuracy

Video analysis accuracy flucuates between 96% and 99%.

Take a look on how our neural network works.

ecVision classification mechanisms are based on AI. This feature ensures that analysis accuracy fluctuates between 96% and 99%, depending on the particular camera scene and analytical module. 

Our technology consists of several subsystems
Each of them, and majority of analytical modules can oparete separetly. Hence, apart from delivering the end-user interface solutions, we can also deliver analized data for external software.

Rest API guarantees easy communication and integration with third-party systems. 

At ecVision we think in an unconventional way. If you need a software tailored for your project, we will design and create one, and it will fit all your needs.

The majority of our products is built not only as part of a  platform but also as a separate operating modules. Thanks to that, we can deliver to you exactly what you need at any given moment. You can easly expand functionality of your tool with another modules, whenever you need it. Integration with external software and hardware is also easy and simple

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