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Why our software?

ecVision's system can be installed on the PC computer (x86 architecture). There is also ARM version available.

The system is web-based so you can use this software on any type of device, utilizing any popular web browser.

The outstanding high performance (up to 40x higher than that of our competitors) allows for possibility of application of much slower computers - which directly implies much lower costs of hardware infrastructure. 

Any type of IP camera is suitable. We can also communicate with analog cameras using a dedicated recorder. ONVIF C, S and G, PSIA and Modbus are supported. 

With us, you will save over 20x of storage space. This is possible by using our own, patent-pending video codec. 

The transcoding tool allows you to stream high quality, full HD live video even at 32kbps bandwith of the Internet connection. 

We are constantly developing new versions of our software, and we provide technical and software support.

Users of our technology

We have implemented over 100 projects in 20 countries around the globe.

Most commonly used analytical modules of ecVision


Face Recognition

A fully professional tool for face recognition. It recognizes all face-related characteristics: sex, age and emotions. It is also the only solution in the world that can identify a person with partially covered (for example black sunglasses or balaclava) face.


Object Classification

True intelligent object classification - over 80 classes available. There is also a possibility for creating new classes with easy-learning function. Classification works as well with IR and thermal cameras. A real must-have intrusion detection tool.


License Plates Recognition

Super-fast and perfectly accurate LPR. It does not require specialized LPR cameras or a strictly determined angle of camera aiming.



Based on patent-pending codecs, it allows you to stream high quality, full HD live video with only 32kbps bandwith of the Internet connection. It also reduces storage space requirements by 21 times.


ecVision Monitoring

A multifunctional video monitoring platform that integrates external alarm systems and building automation software and devices. It can be also used as an alarm events manager and a complex report generator at the central monitoring station.


Heat Maps

A powerful analytical tool, providing extensing reports on traffic and paths of moving objects, collecting and agregating data from many cameras. It also visualizes the results of analysis on realtime maps. 

Do not hesistate to contact us. Learn all of the ecVision features.

We will also provide you with the test ecVision server/recorder.

Over 30 analitycal modules

Advanced video analysis modules and unrivaled intrusion detection are minimizing false alarms while detecting all of the true ones. ecVision modules can count, recognize and classify objects. It also sees stolen or abandoned items.

Universal framework

is not only a video monitoring tool.     The universal framework will be useful when it comes to analysis of any type of data.


OCR that can read and understand metadata

Our OCR can recogniaze multipage and variable format documents. With that tool, it is easly possible to create a fully automated electronic ducument circulation system, including auto-booking of invoices.

Complex analysis tool

Video analysis has more applications than just security. Thanks to agregation and event analysis, provided by our system, you have an access to a full spectrum of various types of data. All of this accessible from one place - ecVision Monitoring.

Looking for a custom-made software?

Tell us about your project and expectations.
The pre-project analysis will indicate what features are truly needed by you. It may be not necessary to create a software from scratch, we can customize and tune existing modules. But still, such costs-effective tool will be custom-made to suit all your needs. 
Innovation and effectiveness.
Regardless if we build or customize software, we always deliver to you fully functional and tested analytical tools. At the same time, there is always a possibility to add new features and functionalities to them. Therefore, your software will always be up-to-date.
Performance means cost saving.
When it comes to software performance, we don't accept any compromise. Every saving on computing power and storage directly reduces the total cost of hardware infrastructure. Our software will help you reduce your hardware and human costs up to 85%. We check if new hardware is needed as we are always trying to make the best usage of your existing resources.

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