Video Surveillance

Our product is an innovative video surveillance system based on unique technology, codecs, and algorithms designed and created by our team.  It is designed around a series of independent components that only function when necessary limiting any wasted resource and maximizing the efficiency of your machine.

We provide new quality accessible within the marketplace, up to 80 times higher performance, up to 40 times lower cost of the purchase and maintenance of video surveillance infrastructure, technology that reduces the required bandwidth to transfer HD video file to 64 kbps and allows to save disk space too, package of 30+ advanced VCA, technology that supports 150+ video formats.

Value for clients:

Money savings, decreasing of the costs, high scalability (there are lots of optional modules available for our solution, so everyone is able to get the best of survaillence solutions available within the marketplace), reducing of the business risk (reducing of the false alarms, easy access and management, easy integration with other system like smart home/building system, access control system) etc.

  1. the only CCTV video analysis based on deep learning and neural networks
  2. accuracy 99% (competitors 60-82%)
  3. objects classification (human, car, animal…)
  4. face, sex, age, emotion recognition
  5. the only solution in the world that recognizes people in black sunglasses or partially covered face
  6. automatic license plates recognition
  7. intrusion trace / detection
  8. potentialy dangerous objects without supervision, stolen objects detection
  9. speed and size measurement, people/cars counting, heat maps
  10. +much more (30 modules)