Our Offer


ecVision Video Monitoring platform. 

Innovatory integrated video surveillance solution - the only solution on the market that handles unlimited number of cameras thanks to own fastest on the market video encoding/decoding engine. Big advantage of our solution is deep learning based video content analytics. We implemented most accurate on the market face/sex/age recognition, license plates recognition, intrusion detection, behavioral analytics, stolen or potentialy dangerous objects vithout supervision detection, motion detection, speed/size/time measurement, customers counting, heat maps. Our system supports every type of surveillance cameras on the market and thanks to own transcoding engine we are able to deliver best quality video even on low speed 3G connections.Our solution is also able to automate many different activities thanks to automation module allowing to control Modbis/Zigbee devices like drawbars, gateways, alarm systems , lights etc.

Our own video decoding/encoding engine is already used in IPTV platform. Advantage over any competitor is fastest in the world video encoding/decoding fthat gives best performance, lowest hardware requirements/cost and fastest HDTV channel change (0.2 second, fastest competitor >2 seconds).

Our new innovatory Video monitoring solution has been implemented in biggest security company in Poland and many others